Staff Directory

Name Position Department Email address Phone number
Jill Bolken Receiving Associate Technical Services 701-231-6116
Amanda Booher Libraries Event and Promotional Coordinator Marketing 701-231-8876
Pam Burkhardt Collections Manager Germans from Russia Heritage Collection 701-231-6596
Merete Christianson Health Sciences Librarian Health Sciences Library 701-231-7965
Robert Correll Sciences Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-9746
Alexa Deschene Stacks Supervisor Access Services 701-231-8888
Jylisa Doney Social Sciences Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-8817
Lisa Eggebraaten Humanities Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-8394
Lynsay Flory Collections Management Assistant Germans from Russia Heritage Collection 701-231-6596
Wendy Gibson Library Technician I Access Services 701-231-8885
Rachel Goodman Interlibrary Loan Technician I Access Services 701-231-8890
Jenny Grasto Interim Technical Services Librarian Technical Services 701-231-6462
Jenny Grasto Architecture and Visual Arts Librarian Klai Juba A/LA Library 701-231-8616
Clarice Hackman Cataloging Associate Technical Services 701-231-8891
John Hallberg Archives Associate NDSU Archives 701-231-8409
Carolyn Harvey Physical Sciences and Engineering Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-5912
Robin Hellman Administrative Support Specialist Administration 701-231-8753
Emily Hoadley Accounting Technician Administration 701-231-6505
Jeremy Kopp Special Collections Associate Germans from Russia Heritage Collection 701-231-6596
Diana Kowalski Branch Library Associate Health Sciences Library 701-231-7748
Alicia Kubas Government Documents Librarian Government Documents 701-231-8863
Alissa Kuntz Assistant to the Dean Administration 701-231-8897
Janine Kuntz Reference Associate Reference and Instruction 701-231-6534
Michael Longtine UNIX System Administrator Programmer Systems 701-231-7584
Alejandro Marquez Undergraduate Outreach and Instruction Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-8396
Chris Martin Access Services Librarian Access Services 701-231-8915
Nicole Mason Agricultural Sciences Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-8879
Pat Mikkelson Acquisitions Ordering Technician Technical Services 701-231-8898
Michael M. Miller Director and Bibliographer Germans from Russia Heritage Collection 701-231-8416
Trista Raezer Archivist NDSU Archives 701-231-8877
Amy Reese Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian Systems 701-231-7288
Megan Richardson Reserves and Evening Supervisor Access Services 701-231-8395
Michael J. Robinson Interim Dean of the Libraries Administration 701-231-8878
Deborah Sayler Interlibrary Loan Associate Access Services 701-231-7699
Celton Seelig Systems Support Specialist Systems 701-231-8353
Candy Skauge Archives Technician NDSU Archives 701-231-8066
Laura Trude Business Librarian Barry Hall Library 701-231-8191
Beth Twomey Senior Reference and Instruction Librarian Reference and Instruction 701-231-8141
Christa Welty Metadata and Cataloging Librarian Technical Services 701-231-9677
Cheryl Zimprich Annex Library Associate Access Services 701-231-8116