Dakota Memories Heritage Tour

Dakota Memories Heritage Tour Survey

Anonymous Tour Members. "Dakota Memories Heritage Tour Survey." Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, ND, 2009.

What was the most beneficial aspect of the tour?

  • “Learning more about my heritage.”
  • “The whole trip.”
  • “Come to better understanding of cultural heritage and its preservation in light of its slow but steady erosion.”
  • “Hearing each of the docents at all the locations.  Also all four presentations were excellent.”
  • “Historic information – homesteading churches.”
  • “The atmosphere of fellow Russian Germans and St. Andrew’s Church – Lehr Tabernacle was the best.”
  • “The presentations supplemented the sites we visited.”
  • “The wonderful historic sites we visited and local docents.  The local foods were fantastic and having the ethnic German Russian foods and music tied it altogether.”
  • “Learning new things about our ancestral lands.”
  • “Unreal opportunity to see and experience the history and culture of the Germans from Russia in ND.”
  • “Learned more about the German-Russian heritage – iron crosses.  Dr. Ashworth – geology.”
  • “Seeing the beautiful Hague & Strasburg Churches – awesome what our forefathers accomplished – working hard on restoration.”
  • “I liked everything – learned of towns and countryside of area plus food and history of churches, cemeteries, Lawrence Welk farm house and Grasslands Center at Streeter.”
  • “The various speakers and docents.  Because of their diversity we learned more.”
  • “The stories which surrounded each site presented by the docents and by the tour participants.”
  • “Seeing things in the state that were new to me.”
  • “Nice people and interesting things to see and experience!”
  • “A way to see these sites.  I would never have seen these things any other way.”
  • “Meeting and make new friends of German Heritage and reliving memories.”
  • “All was beneficial.”
  • “Seeing and hearing the history behind the various historical sites.”
  • “Meeting great people.  Learning about history and life of those who live there.”
  • “The churches.”

What is the most important thing you learned on this tour?

  • “Seeing the beautiful Hague & Strasburg Catholic Churches.”
  • “How beautiful this part of ND is.”
  • “The dire need to save what still remains.”
  • “History of the Germans from Russia.”
  • “The construction and preservation of the churches.”
  • “The connections that are available.”
  • “The explanations of why there are children sections in cemeteries.  Presentations put heritage in context.”
  • “I’m so glad the culture lives on here & really enjoyed the iron crosses & the documentaries by Prairie Public.”
  • “The respect of our families for their new home on the prairies.”
  • “Discovering that my ancestors were so involved with the Lehr Tabernacle (names on the wall).”
  • “Hospitality and friendliness.”
  • “Heritage, seeing the great hospitality of people in small towns and on tour bus.”
  • “Strengthen my thought of how hard these people worked and how strong they all were.  I am what they made me.”
  • “The importance of telling and recording the heritage stories.”
  • “Background of the German-Russian immigrants and the Schwab Sod House.”
  • “The past history of area and people who settled it.”
  • “More about the German Russian heritage.  I particularly enjoyed the educational value of what I learned during the 3 days.”
  • “There are a lot of things in N.D. to see that are generally not known.”
  • “About the number of cultural sites in N.D.”
  • “The topography of the area.  The stories.”
  • “The Cemetery burials of children – the crosses were handmade, the churches were beautiful.”
  • “About the variety of resources available.”
  • “Little things mean a lot! It all added up and made me grateful and appreciative.”
  • “How hard the people work, and their faith.”

Additional Comments:

  • “Would go on a similar tour in the future.”
  • “I thought the whole trip was very well planned with lots of information provided.”
  • “This was an excellent tour – well put together – speakers very interesting.”
  • “Thank you so much.  Everything was so well planned and executed.”
  • “The quality of the tour exceeded my expectation.”
  • “Thanks – always timely allowed time for reflection and quiet.”
  • “I hope to attend again if possible and bring a friend.”
  • “Didn’t feel rushed and able to take sufficient time to take our time.”
  • “There was a good balance of protestant and catholic sites and stories.”
  • “We would like another ND Heritage Tour!”
  • “Looking forward to next opportunity.”
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